What’s New In Music?

Soft Music News - Best Place To Check Out What Goes On In The World Of Music-03Wanna  know what is going on with your favorite music celebrity? Then you’ve come to the right place. Everything that you would like to know about your personal favorite, you can learn on Soft Music News.

Let’s face it. Most of us “mortals” are more interested in what the celebrities are doing and their dirty laundry than what is going on with our own lives. I’m not here to argue whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, but that is just the way things are and I really don’t see that changing any time soon. Maybe one day, but not soon. Well, sorry celebrities, but here’s another website that will unmask what you were doing last night.

Okay, it’s not all about the dirty laundry on Soft Music News. There’s actually a lot more “good” things here. Most of you will probably come to the “News” page first. Read the latest news or watch video news of what Lady Gaga did recently (it gotta be something really shocking, right?).

Check out the latest concerts and even watch them live. I’m sure that all of you that couldn’t go to Miley Cyrus latest tour would very much like to see it. And you know what? These things are often a lot better if watched from your own home. At least you don’t have to pay like 300 bucks to go there.

If you want to know what are the top 10, 50 or 100 songs or albums in the last week, month, year, or even a decade, according to the visitors of this website, you should check out the “Top X” webpage. And you can also cast your own vote here. There’s always some poll active here. Just sign in and check it.

Check out the “Playlist” page as well. Here, you can create your own playlist and submit it or use one that is already here, submitted by other site visitors. There’s also a video playlist where you can  put the videos of your own choice. Don’t ever let anybody else dictate what are you going to listen, anymore.

Soft Music News - Best Place To Check Out What Goes On In The World Of Music-02There’s also a lot of blogs or articles written by the fans or the “not fans”, so if you want, you can read who’s better, Rihana or Beyonce. And if you want to put your five cents into it, just register and submit your own article. Of course, it has to be reviewed first. But, still, how cool it would be to get your work on a site like this? Trust me, “very” is not even close to it.

There’s so much more that I would like to write to you about Soft Music News and all that it has to offer, but unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time for that. Besides, I think that the best thing that you could do is to check the website yourself. I’m sure that you’re gonna find something really interesting on this amazing website.

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